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  • User Properties Changed

    Hi all. Longtime Hyena user here. I got a new PC, and ever since, Hyena does not show the same view when I select a user, right-click, and select Properties. I used to get the view with tabs that said General, Object, Profile, Groups, etc.. Now the Properties View gives me Security, Environment, Sessions Remote Control. etc.. This must be some basic setting that I have wrong. Any ideas?

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    There are two ways to fix this.

    1. Use Hyena's user properties dialog, by select Tools > Settings > Active Directory and turn OFF the option to user the "Shell Properties" for user objects.

    2. Install the appropriate RSAT version on your new computer, and then go into Control Panel > Turn Windows Features on/off and enable the Active Directory Admin tools option. Installing RSAT isn't enough, you actually have to then go in an turn it on. Look at page 4 of this document:

    Let us know if that fixes it for you and thanks for your years of support !
    Kevin Stanush
    SystemTools Software Inc.


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      Yep...Option 1 fixed it. Boy, I feel really dumb, but I'm glad my Hyena is fixed. We have had Hyena for 8 or 10 years, and I simply can't imagine my job without it.
      I've often told my bosses what a great value it is...very inexpensive compared to other SysAdmin software, and if they refused to renew it, I truly believe I would pay for it myself!
      Thanks for a great product!