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Making Bul changes to Group Types

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  • Making Bul changes to Group Types

    How do I complete bulk changes to group types, Partof the Migration to Exchange 2010 suggests the Distribution lists need to be Universal Groups therefore any which aren't I need to amend

    When I select the appropriate groups It tells me a numeric value is required

    What are the numeric values for each group type ?

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    What method are you using to change this attribute? I ran a quick test using Manage 'Group Type', and was able to change the group type. There are probably a number of resources for the numeric values, but I used this one for my testing:

    Value GroupType
    2 Global distribution group
    4 Domain local distribution group
    8 Universal distribution group
    -2147483646 Global security group
    -2147483644 Domain local security group
    -2147483640 Universal security group


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      Just what the Dr Ordered just needed to know the right group values and then have the confidence to bob it in and click Apply to see the changes