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last log on shows different date stamp

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  • last log on shows different date stamp

    I have 3 domain comtrollers at our site in our Domain. They will all show the same last logon date stamp when I look at the properties of a user account and click on the acount tab while connected to any of the three domain controllers. However, if I look at the account in the general view along with all the other accounts, the account has a different last logon date stamp. for example, I am looking at an account now and the date listed on the account tab shows last logon at 6/25/2014. It shows that information no matter what DC I am currently connected to. If I close the account properties and look at what the last logon date says along with all the other user accounts the date information does not match. For this user the date now shows. 7/2/2014 or it might show 9/24/2013.

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    The problem with lastLogon is the data is stored locally on each controller and not shared with other controllers, meaning each controller can have completely different information. You'll see this if you right-click on a user and choose View Logon Information and click the Check All Domain Controllers button. Some alternative options to consider:

    1. Add lastLogonTimeStamp to your user query. This field is in AD so will report the same regardless of the controller returning data.
    2. Exporter Pro's Detailed User export has a setting to Check all domain controllers, so when it runs it will check all controllers and return the most current date/time found for each user.