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Multiple domain group creation

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  • Multiple domain group creation

    We have a trust setup between w2k (2 separate forests) domains and need to point home drives to one domain and profiles and shared data to another domain. To be able to see the home folders on the new domain we have to setup new domain local group and domain groups for each user and make the domain global group a member of the local group. This works fine. This is the only way that I can get this to to work across trusts. But this does mean creating 600 groups and assigning permissions. is there a way to do this with heyena? The groups need to be created from a text file that contains a list of names.?

    Please help need this urgently

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    Re: Multiple domain group creation

    Hyena can't do this for you, but our User Commander product can import group members from a delimited text file. You can read more about it here:


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      Re: Multiple domain group creation

      Thanks will look at this - Paul