I am having some issues with scheduling tasks on remote systems, exscuse the lengthy details, but I want to be specific..
1 nt domain, win 9x, 2k, and xp stations.
(yes I am a domain admin)
I have specific tools I want to run on the machines, so via a login script it copies the files to the c:\ drive, (this worked)
1 is a *.vbs script to defrag all drives, and the other is simply cleanmgr.exe
1---reading the forums I tried the first way to create the job on my spare box, for both, pointing to the c:\ drive for the files, and copied them (the tasks not AT) to a group of computers (1-10) I went and did a run now, and on both,(for puter 1-10) it comes back as not finding the file with the vbs extention,(when it is there.) the program cleanmgr.exe did, and is running, but when I check the task status it is taking up no resources, nor any memory or cpu cycles, so literally, it may take a couple of days to run.
2- the defrag.vbs file,, I can goto any system, and run it by double clicking on the c:\(file) it goes to a dos screen and runs defrag on all hard drives it finds, however when ran via a task, nothing shows up on the computers, and nothing in the
process list.
I am trying this on win 2k, and xp only for now. I wondered if anyone has done these kinds of programs via hyena before, and how they did it. ( the defrag.vbs is kinda cool, email me if you want it, it goes through and defrags all the drives on a given computer, then quits.)
My other question would be is why the resources are so low ? If anyone has any good ideas/products/files, please email [email protected], (americangreetings.com)
thanks !

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