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Delete Multple AD Users at Once

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  • Delete Multple AD Users at Once

    Has anyone been able to remove multiple users by using a text or csv file?
    I am needing to verify/lock/delete multiple users (70+) on a monthly basis all at once. I have not been able to do this In Hyena or System Commander.
    Please advise, any help would be much appreciated.

    Thank You,

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    create a group, copy user ID and add members to your working group. Then on date of deletion, expand the group in left pane and select all the users in right pane and delete. While the process only takes a few minutes, you could script something via powershell.


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      Thanks for your help, had not thought of trying it that way. Was able to lock/remove accounts much more adequately


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        Actually the delete part will be tricky using this method. Adding them to a group allows you to manage them easily, such as disable them, report on them, etc. The delete function on group members is used to remove their membership from the group itself and not to delete the accounts from the domain.

        SystemTools Commander would actually be your best bet for this one, or a script like Trammel mentioned. You could in theory use the Move option once you've selected the members of the group to move them to an OU. From there you could double-click on the OU to display the users in the right-hand window where you can select them and delete.


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          LOL, your right chuck BUT if you select the ones you want and right click, Query Active Directory and select Users (Summary) you will have the list of users which you "can" right click and delete.

          ps, I always have a few universal groups for myself where I work objects in this manner. Makes you very efficient in those large task.
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            There you go, best option yet!