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Sort Users not working under AD and other ...

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  • Sort Users not working under AD and other ...

    I know I saw this somewhere but I cannot locate it - I am running Hyena 4.5 BETA E. On the toolbar ther is the "Sort Users by Full Name" - This no longer works.

    Under Global Groups, you right click to get properties of a specific group - Then click on the members tab - All I get is member and DN - I need to see the full name as well. I have changed every view under "Queries" but I still cannot change this specific view?

    Any help - Please.

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    Re: Sort Users not working under AD and other ...

    Thanks for your observations.

    The "user sort" toolbar button does not work for Active Directory views because its just not practical. Hyena no longer really "knows" what elements are displayed in the main window as these are all controlled by Active Directory queries. While we could support it, it would require users to create and maintain very specific queries and it would probably not always work right due to that. Your best bet might be to create two different queries, one with the username in the first column, and another with the fullname in the first column. We are also looking at allowing dragging and rearranging the columns, so this might also be a solution to this.

    I will look at the possibility to maybe put in a "popup balloon help" bubble for seeing the full name of any selected group member. We also plan to add a properties function here too, so that will also help.

    Thanks for your support.
    Kevin Stanush
    SystemTools Software Inc.