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log more than once simultaniously

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  • log more than once simultaniously

    is it possible with hyene to prevent users from logging in windows more than once ? because i'm administrator at a school and now all the students are exchanging paswords with usernames if someone forget their pasword.
    If it's not possible with hyena , does anybody here have another idea to fix this problem ?
    Thanks in advance

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    Re: log more than once simultaniously

    Hyena won't do this for you, but you might try a search on and see if there are any utilities that would help.


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      Re: log more than once simultaniously

      Novell is easy to make this happen. In Windows NOS, the only way I have found to do this is very cumbersome. Make the "User Area" for the user in question a share. Place a limit on the share to 1 concurrent user. In the portion of your login script that maps the user area, place code that if an the error code for two many connections to the share map error occurs, log off the user. Probably want to place a popup box in the code, with either an ok, or at least a wait time so the user know what they are doing( eg. You are logged into too many workstations, blah. blah.)