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  • Moving Users between Multiple Domains...


    I seem to be having a problem trying to move a user object from one domain to another. I remember testing this feature of Hyena before we (the company I work for) purchased copies of Hyena. Basically what we have is 1 Root Win2k Domain, 1 Child Domain and 8 Grand Children domains. We currently have a need to move some user accounts from the Child domain to one of the Grand Children domains and also from one of the Grand Children Domains to another. What we were trying to test/confirm before we tried any of this in the Lab was weather or not when we move the account what effects does this have on the users SID and Exchange Information.

    What we were doing in the lab was creating a user in the Child Domain, making him a member of a group, creating a share and sub folders, adding the new user to the security of one folder and adding the group that the new user was a part of to the security of a different folder. Our exchange server in the lab is currently off line so I couldn't create a mailbox for the user but I decided that I would test moving the user anyway. I tried this several times logged in as different users (Domain Admin from Source Domain, DA from Target, Enterprise DA) and kept getting the same error telling me that I was not allowed to perform this action.

    Anyone have any ideas? Has anyone else tested this and found out how to do this? Any help that anyone can provide would be appreciated.

    Thanks for Reading,

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    Re: Moving Users between Multiple Domains...

    Send a screenshot of the error message to [email protected].

    Also include the version of Hyena you are running, and on what version of Windows you have it installed, and how you have your domain configured in Object Manager.