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  • User Groups and DL's

    I'm a new user with 2 problems.
    1) When creating a new NT account I use the copy function so the new ID will have the proper groups.How do I do this in Hyena?
    2) Is there a way to copy the DL list to a new mailbox or at least print out the list?
    I hope someone can help with these issues.
    John Corcoran
    System Security

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    Re: User Groups and DL's

    For your first question you can create a user that has the groups setup the way you like, then just right-click and choose Copy whenver you want to create a new user. This will give the newly created user the same group memberships.

    Can you give more details on your second question?


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      Re: User Groups and DL's

      In exchange clients have Distribution Lists, they are extensive and different for each client. Creating a general copy account will not work I must use a specific user to copy. I now transcribe the DL's to a seperate sheet of paper then manually add them to the new user. Can this process be automated. As with my first question, I must use a client as a copy to create a generic copy account defeats the process as there are far too many differing groups even for people in the same department.
      John Corcoran


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        Re: User Groups and DL's

        If this is Exchange 5.x, you can use the Enable Hyena's Custom Exchange Integration Options on the Exchange 5.5 menu.

        At the bottom you can enter in Exchange template accounts. Separate them by ;.

        When you create a user, the Exchange interface will allow you to select the template to use, and then copy the settings from that template to be used for the new mailbox.

        If you have any trouble configuring this, send an email to [email protected] and we'll help you.