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Creating new users and roaming profiles?

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  • Creating new users and roaming profiles?

    Does anyone know if roaming profile templates can be created in Hyena?

    I am trying to make a one-pass process for creating new user accounts, to include home directories, login script and roaming profiles. Everything is working very well so far, except the roaming profiles part!! I can add the path where the profile should be created when the user log's in, but that is not exactly what I wanted.

    I need a folder to be created within a server directory called: \\server\d\winnt\profiles\{userid} and the permissions on that folder would be Domain Admin (full control) and {userid} with change control. No server shares need to be created.

    I have not found a way using Hyena to do this, I know user manager and Enterprise Administrator are supposed to be able to do this but I have never seen this working.

    If anyone can offer any help on this matter it would be most appreciated.

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    Re: Creating new users and roaming profiles?

    The best solution for this would be to use the Post-User Batch procedure to do this for you.

    You create a batch file that will create the directory for you and the other pieces you need, then in Hyena you enter the name and location of this batch file under Tools->Settings->User in the box for: Batch file to run for all user changes.

    You can get more information on this in Hyena Help by searching for Post-User.