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Users created have no User Logon name

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  • Users created have no User Logon name

    Creating accounts in Hyena and filling in only the Directory Name, Display Name, and password results in users with no User Logon name on the Account Tab. Why is this? Shouldn't Hyena just put [email protected] in that field? Thanks.

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    Re: Users created have no User Logon name

    The user logon name is a new optional field in Active Directory. Previous versions of Hyena prior to v4.2 did not have a way of determining the possible combinations of UPN suffixes that could be used on this dialog.

    If your site wants to use this information as another logon method, click on the account tab and enter a user logon name, like [email protected]. In v4.2, you can select the upn suffix from the list.

    If you are concerned about the Pre Windows 2000 logon name being blank, don't worry, Hyena will default that to be the same as the directory name unless you specify otherwise.
    Kevin Stanush
    SystemTools Software Inc.