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Sort users does not work in AD Domain

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  • Sort users does not work in AD Domain

    We've recently upgraded to an AD Domain. I have setup Hyena with the ASDI information for a Windows 2000 domain and now I cannot sort my users by Full Name. I am using v.4.1. Any suggestions or fixes?

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    Re: Sort users does not work in AD Domain

    I assume that you are trying to use the username/fullname sort button on the toolbar for Active Directory users ?

    This button does not work for AD displays due to the way that the AD data retrieval works. What you might consider doing is creating another query under Object Manger (File->Manage Object View), and put the full name as the first field. Then, you can select which query you want to run from the Query list on the context menu for All Users.

    Another way would be to use the column sorting capability to sort on the fullname column, although you still won't get the built-in "keyboard typing/search feature".

    Another idea is to use the new Filter toolbar button, which now supports wildcards too, so you could type in s* <Enter> and have it filter out everything except the 's' entries.

    Right now, Hyena does not really know what was retrieved from AD, so it can't really "flip" around the data when you click the User Sort toolbar button. We might change this, but still it would require the user query to have the username and fullname in the 1st and 2nd columns to work right.
    Kevin Stanush
    SystemTools Software Inc.


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      Re: Sort users does not work in AD Domain

      Thanks for the ideas. Instead of creating a new query, I modified the Users(Summary) query so that the Display Name is first in the list under "Query Directory Attibutes". This allows me to use the keyboard to jump to a user name.