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    We have encountered a problem with Hyena v4.1 when we add global groups to a user account. We add the group( it is properly displayed in Hyena) and click OK. Then immediately examine the properties of the same user and the newly added group is not displayed. Pressing F5 does not help. Eventually, the group will appear in the user's group properties but this can take up to 10 minutes to occur. However Active Directory Users and Computers correctly displays the user's group membership properties immediately after it has been modified by Hyena.

    Our environment is:
    Windows 2000 domain (mixed mode)(service pack 2)
    Hyena's Manage Object View is configured as:
    Windows 2000 Domain
    ADSI Path LDAP://Domain
    ADSI Server We have the name of the PDC emulator and FSMO role holder
    Hyena is being run from a Windows 2000 Terminal Server with Citrix MetaFrame

    Any suggestions?

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    Re: User Management

    Apparently there is a delay in the information replicating, and unfortunately Hyena has no control over this.

    Hyena adds the user to the group, but has to display the information from the user's group list, which is in a different location. This is probably where you are experiencing the delay.


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      Re: User Management

      But why does the Microsoft AD Users and Computer snap-in display the newly added group instantly? Doesn't the snap-in use the same mechanism as Hyena to retrieve this information?


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        Re: User Management

        See if this same problem happens when you add a user and set group memberships while adding vs. when you modify an existing user.

        Please perform the test (if you can) on the beta of v4.2 of Hyena. You can get the specs at

        Kevin Stanush
        SystemTools Software Inc.