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  • Post User Batch Procedures ...

    According to the documentation ...

    "Post-User Batch Procedures - Hyena also supports running an optional command file for each user addition, modification, or deletion. This option can be enabled and the name of the batch file specified in the Tools->Settings->User dialog. When the command procedure is run, the following parameters are passed to it:

    %1 = Action. This value will be set to ADD for additions, DEL for deletions, MOD for a single user modification and MODS for multi-user modifications."

    What is classified as a modification as I cannot get the MOD to work? I have tried modifying the description, adding groups etc but it still will not run my batch file parameters contained in the :MOD section that %1 is supposed to parse in. The delete and add sections work fine so I know it is not the formatting of my batch file?

    Thanks for any help.

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    Re: Post User Batch Procedures ...

    Just about any modification should work. Give me an example of what you are trying to do in the MOD section of your file and I'll see what I can find.


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      Re: Post User Batch Procedures ...

      thanks for the response ... I have, just resolved it. The batch file you sent this morning listed:

      if %1 == ADD goto ADD
      if %1 == MODIFY goto MODIFY
      if %1 == DEL goto DEL

      The second line should of been:
      if %1 == MOD goto MODIFY

      Making that change resolved the issue on this particular case.

      Another question for you - Do you know of any wy in an NT batch file to insert a prompt to ask the user if the want to make the changes listed - If the type Y then it will continue and if N then it will skip a few lines and continue onto the next section?

      Thank You.