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Moving Users / Changing SIDS

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  • Moving Users / Changing SIDS

    Here's an interesting one ...

    I have set it up so that I can move a user from one domain into another domain, then rename the user to match our new naming convention. At that point I am prompted to change the profile, user directory etc to match the new name. Here the directories etc are renamed perfectly but ....

    The new username does not get applied to the directory structure of the profile and home directory and the old domain\user still has the access. Is there any way to get the new security applied across the entire directory sructure?


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    Re: Moving Users / Changing SIDS

    Send an example of this to [email protected].


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      Re: Moving Users / Changing SIDS

      Not to worry - I found that Security Explorer has a utility named sxpgrant which I have added to the post batch file. Thhis takes care of deleting existing security and reapplying new security.

      this is the reason why the post batch files are so important - Especially when they have such good capability of accepting variables such as server name etc...Very nice feature.