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Deleting Users Home Directories

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  • Deleting Users Home Directories

    Hi, Long time user first time poster.

    I want to be able to automagically delete the users home directory and share. I have the share figured out, but the home dir escapes me. Here is a copy of my batch file and I will explain the problem:
    @echo on
    if %1 == ADD goto ADD
    if %1 == MODIFY goto MODIFY
    if %1 == DEL goto DEL
    goto END

    c:\rmtshare \\%5\%6 /DELETE
    rmdir /s /q %7
    goto END

    goto END

    goto END



    The Problem is i need to be able to go to

    I can use \\%5\this part I cant figure out\%3

    Help says use %7 for home dir path but when I add a pause to the CL I see that it shows \\servername\none.

    Any suggestions would be great.

    Version is 3.0K

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    Re: Deleting Users Home Directories

    Further to my last:

    I have about 10 servers that have home drives and different organizations have differnet paths to the home dir



    hope this helps more


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      Re: Deleting Users Home Directories

      The easiest way to troubleshoot this is to echo the variables so you can see what each one is:

      echo 1 = %1
      echo 2 = %2
      echo 3 = %3
      echo 4 = %4
      echo 5 = %5
      echo 6 = %6

      Put in a pause in your batch file and then delete a test user. When the window comes up it should pause so you can see what each of the variables actually translates to.


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        Re: Deleting Users Home Directories

        Thx for the advice but it isn't much help

        I need to get the actuall path to the home dir ie

        Is this possible.
        below is what the help file says about them, I need an explanation on %7

        %1 = Action. This value will be set to ADD for additions, DEL for deletions, MOD for a single user modification and MODS for multi-user modifications.
        %2 = Server
        %3 = Username
        %4 = Home Directory
        %5 = Home Directory Server
        %6 = Home Directory Share
        %7 = Home Directory Path
        %8 = Old (Former) Home Directory
        %9 = Date and Time

        Note %7 if this works then my script would work

        Any suggestions.

        Here is the output...I modified servernames

        C:\WINNT\system32>echo 1 = DEL
        1 = DEL
        C:\WINNT\system32>echo 2 = \\pdc
        2 = \\pdc
        C:\WINNT\system32>echo 3 = test.t
        3 = test.t
        C:\WINNT\system32>echo 4 = \\serverX\test.t$
        4 = \\serverX\test.t$
        C:\WINNT\system32>echo 5 = serverX
        5 = serverX
        C:\WINNT\system32>echo 6 = test.t$
        6 = test.t$
        C:\WINNT\system32>echo 7 = NONE
        7 = NONE
        C:\WINNT\system32>echo 8 = \\serverX\test.t$
        8 = \\serverX\test.t$