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SID-History in groups/users

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  • SID-History in groups/users

    we migrated our users and groups from nt4 to w2k and we use the sid-history-feature.
    so every useraccount in w2k and every group in w2k-domain has two sids.

    hyena is a great tool and other than the buildin w2k-tools shows two entries if the SID-History is active for a usergroup-member.

    but hyena displays two eaqual values. is ist possible (with a reghack) that the "old" sid is displayed or the entry is marked to be the one from the other/old domain?
    now its difficult to decide what is the entry of the "trusted(old" domain.

    (i hope you are not confused about my englisch)


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    Re: SID-History in groups/users

    Can you please send a screen shot to [email protected] on where you are seeing the incorrect SID listing ? You can block out any portions that you need to for security reasons.

    Kevin Stanush
    SystemTools Software Inc.


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      Re: SID-History in groups/users

      ohh, theres no incorrect sid-listing there are two with the same name from the new(w2k) domain. its correct becaue there are really two different users in it one from the old (trusted) and one from the new (w2k) domain. but they are both displayed as the one from the w2k-daomain. so you cannot decide whether it "comes" from the old or from the new one.

      it's the same if you are using groupnames.

      on monday i'll do some screenshots and send it to you.