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    Hi, I have a Win Nt Lan (servers and workstations) and I would like to set the system time to a standard clock server.
    I do this via login script, but the user MUST have the privilege to change system time.
    It is possible not to go on EVERY pc to grant this permission?

    Hope to be understandable, if not ..ask!!!
    Thank you in advance for help.

    p.s. obviusly I use Hyena ....

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    Re: Local User Manager

    You can use the NT Resource Kit utility ntrights.exe in a batch file to do this. The syntax is:

    ntrights -m \\computername +r SeSystemtimePrivilege -u username

    Make sure to use the same case as the example or it will fail. In place of username, you can use a groupname as well. If you have trouble with the space in Domain Users, for example, you might be able to put it in quotes around the group name.

    You will need one line per computername, so you can use Hyena to automate the creation of a batch file that you can use.

    Go into Hyena, and double-click on the computers object. In the right-hand window, select the computers that you want to make this change to by holding the ctrl key and clicking on each one of them.

    After you have selected the machines open the Tools menu and select Generate Macro. In the Macro Command String box, type in the following command:

    ntrights -m \\%E% +r SeSystemtimePrivilege -u username

    Type in a filename for Hyena to create in the Output File name box. Something like c:\update.bat.

    When you click on OK, Hyena will create a batch file with one entry per computer, replacing the %E% with the computer name for each of the computers. So, if you had selected 100 computers, you will have 100 entries in this batch file.

    Then, simply run the batch file, and it will make the change for you on each of the machines.


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      Re: Local User Manager

      It works!!!!
      Thank you.


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        Re: Local User Manager

        I tried the same thing I generated a macro with this line "ntrights -m \\%E% +r SeSystemtimePrivilege -u everyone " to grant everyone the right to change the system time ,it didn't work ,what I did ,I copied the ntrights.exe to system32 on one of the servers ,administrator is logged on ,and started the batch one the server ,for all the computers I received this message ***Error*** OpenPolicy -1073741790 except on the server which I ran the batch on was successful.


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          Re: Local User Manager

          two stupid questions ...
          are the pc on?
          are you a domain admin?

          I run the batch from my pc on all the network (I'm domain admin) .. and it works ...


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            Re: Local User Manager

            ntrights -m \\machine_name +r SeSystemtimePrivilege -u Everyone

            that's a row of my macro ....

            keep in touch ... i will try to help you

            ***Error*** OpenPolicy -1073610729 this is the error for a swtiched off pc