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  • Batch file scripting

    In your documentation I have noticed that you can pass variables from a home directory creation template to a batch file. I would like to use this functionality to create a separate Home Dir for the users. As background info, we are splitting our users home dirs and profiles onto two servers. I am using Hyena to create the profile portion and I would like to script the creation of the Home dirs. For these home dirs, I need to make another directory named the user on a different server. I have tried to create a batch file placed in the directory of the server where I am creating the sub-directories and use a "md %2" command. I call the batch file using a UNC path from within Hyenas Home Dir template. however, I am not having any success with it and wondered if you could help me with the syntax. Additionally, is there a way to change the home path to another server than the profile server during or after the account is created without manual intervention?

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    Re: Batch file scripting

    Send a copy of your batch file to [email protected] and we will help you get it working.