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  • missing logoff information

    I administer a mixed NT4/Win2K domain & use Hyena very successfully to achieve this. However at the moment Hyena is not reporting the last logoff date. Logon is reported correctly but every user (2000+)has logoff reported as "user has never logged off". The data is there as I can view it from the program "Network ServaNT" but would much prefer to use Hyena for all administrative functions. Thanks in advance for any help

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    Re: missing logoff information

    Hyena gets this information from the user record, which comes from the PDC. If you are seeing Logon information you should be seeing Logoff information if it is in the PDC database.

    Network Servant might possibly be gathering information from all controllers to display Logon and Logoff times? This is the only reason that we can think of as to why it would show different information than what Hyena is displaying.

    In NT, the logon and logoff times are stored locally on the controller that validates a users authentication request, and does not synchronize that to the other controllers.

    Hyena now has the ability to do a Check Controller to query all controllers for a specified user and see Last Logon times for that user, but not Last Logoff time.

    It is not very clear in Microsoft documentation as to whether or not Last Logoff is accurately maintained and reported, and many programs similar to Hyena don't even show it at all.