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adding users to groups without waiting

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  • adding users to groups without waiting

    Hello, I'm just a beginner with this great tool. I have to add some users to groups, but I can't do this like in user manager by just typing them in form of <domain>/username, and with your tool I have to wait until the more then 30000 users on the domain are read - any suggestion beside to don't use hyena? Thanks, Michael

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    Re: adding users to groups without waiting

    You can go into Tools->Settings->User and check the box to Suppress automatic display of all groups and users.

    When you go to the properties of a group you will see a box at the bottom that you can type in the user then clic the Add Users button to add them to the list.

    You should also see a button to Get All Users if you decide you want to retrieve the list for a particular group.