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Containers/OUs will not expand (AD)

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  • Containers/OUs will not expand (AD)

    I have already re-installed Hyena 5.5 as did not recognize that I was running Windows2000.
    I have been using/testing all day without a problem. The 1st when I created an ID using the "COPY" function it would take 5-10 minutes for the new ID to show up. Now the Container/OUs folder icon in the left window is useless if I click on the "+" nothing happens, right click, double click left click nothing happens. Whats the deal?

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    Re: Containers/OUs will not expand (AD)

    There are not a lot of things that can cause clicking on the '+' sign next to OUs/Containers to not work. In most cases, if something went wrong, you should get an error, which I assume you are not getting.

    Send your ad_objects.dat and ad_queries.dat file to [email protected] to make sure that nothing is messed up in these files. These files are found in your profile directory, which is usually at:

    c:\documents and settings\<username>\application data\systemtools\hyena

    Replace <username> with your current logged on user ID.

    What does concern me more is that you say that when you right click on the , you don't get a context menu. Hyena does not do anything when you right click on this object except display the menu. Do right clicking on other things also not work ?
    Kevin Stanush
    SystemTools Software Inc.


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      Re: Containers/OUs will not expand (AD)

      When I right click a drop down menu does appear....