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  • NT Domain

    I have a NT domain splited over several remote sites.
    For each remote site, I have installed a backup domain controler, and sites are linked over leased line with CISCO routers.
    I don't see the backup domain controlers of remote site, on the Hyena console.
    What are the parameters to set up on router or Hyena, to see these controlers?

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    Re: NT Domain

    If you expand the Computers object, do you see the controllers there? What does the icon for them look like?


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      Re: NT Domain

      If I expand the computers objects, I see them, but with the icon showing a world map with a yellow question mark.


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        Re: NT Domain

        This is a Browsing issue because Hyena checks the Windows Browse List to determine if a computer is online or not, and type.

        If you can get the browsing from those remote locations to sync with your site, this problem should be corrected.


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          Re: NT Domain

          Could you explain more in details what I need to do, please.
          What do you mean by :
          "If you can get the browsing from those remote locations to sync with your site"


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            Re: NT Domain

            Windows maintains a browse list, which is a list of known computers on the network. They are known due to the fact that they broadcast periodically their information. Typically these broadcasts aren't propagated by default across routers and such in WAN environments.

            If you look at your Network Neighborhood on your computer, you should notice you don't see the remote computers listed.

            Technet can help with troubleshooting this, as well as two utilities from the Windows Resource Kit called browmon.exe and browstat.exe.