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Following Upgrade : Office CD required

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  • Following Upgrade : Office CD required

    Just performed an upgrade from 4.0.1 to 4.3 which was successful. However, when open Hyena, Windows Installer starts and asks for the CD.

    This isnt a new a machine, it has been running Office fine for ages and it definitely kicks in when Hyena starts.

    Is there a specific component missing ?


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    Re: Following Upgrade : Office CD required

    What happens if you go through Explorer and double-click on hyena.exe?


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      Re: Following Upgrade : Office CD required

      When I came to try this it worked OK. Must have been down to the local install of Office rather than Hyena (which I had hoped was the case). Thanks for help. Andrew.


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        Re: Following Upgrade : Office CD required

        I had a similar problem with a fresh install of Hyena 5.0 asking for my Outlook 2000 CD-ROM. As the local administrator of this Windows NT 4.0 Workstation (with SP6a), everything was fine -- this was the account I used to install Hyena.

        However, when I would log in as the domain administrator, starting up Hyena would cause a Windows Installer window to appear, stating, "The feature you are trying to use is on a CD-ROM or other removable disk that is not available. Insert the 'Microsoft Outlook 2000' disk and click OK."

        Double-clicking on the C:\Program Files\Hyena\hyena.exe file had no effect. The Windows Installer window still came up.

        It turns out that Outlook 2000 (indeed, it appears any MS Office 2000 product) puts stuff in the HKEY_CURRENT_USER hive. ("HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\9.0\ Common\LanguageResources" to be exact.) If that stuff isn't there, then it wants to access the Outlook 2000 CD-ROM. *However*, since the HKEY_CURRENT_USER is generated only when the user logs in for the first time, the necessary addition is not something one can easily (or even obviously) do ahead of time.

        I found that HKEY_CURRENT_USER is generated from C:\WINNT\Profiles\Default User\ntuser.dat. So, here is what I did:

        1. Start regedt32.exe.
        2. Load the default ntuser.dat file as a hive. (I named it "ntuser".)
        3. Create the necessary keys to make the ntuser\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Office \9.0\Common\LanguageResources hierarchy.
        4. Save the local admin's HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Office\9.0\Co mmon\LanguageResources key to a file.
        5. Restore this key to ntuser\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Office\9.0\Common\Langua geResources.
        6. Examine the permissions of ntuser\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Office\9.0\Common. Click the "Replace Permissions on Existing Subkeys" and click "OK".
        7. Unload the ntuser hive.
        8. Exit regedt32.exe.

        This will cause all new users' HKEY_CURRENT_USER hives to contain the LanguageResources key and thus not prompt for the CD-ROM.

        I got this idea from MS Knowledge Base Article 265194. Now why Hyena causes this behavior is beyond me, but apparently there is some kind of tie between it and Office 2000.

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          Re: Following Upgrade : Office CD required

          That is strange. I'd like to know if anyone does ever get this message, and inserts the CD, what items get installed so that we can see what Office is wanting ? Hyena does not use any Office components, except for MS Access, but it only runs that when you run a report. I can't think of any other dependencies.
          Kevin Stanush
          SystemTools Software Inc.