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Save settings for multiple installations

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  • Save settings for multiple installations

    I've set up my computer the way we'd like our techs to have hyena set up. What files, other than the registry settings, do we need to keep things like domains/objects from manage object view onto another machine(s)?

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    Re: Save settings for multiple installations

    You can either copy over the information manually, or use the Shared Configuration options in Tools->Settings->General.

    To manually copy the data, you'll need the ad_*.dat files from either your Hyena directory or your profile directory. You can also copy the following registry key:

    hkey_current_user\sofware\adkins resource\hyena

    The instructions for setting up shared configuration are in the Help, but if you have trouble or questions you can email [email protected].


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      Re: Save settings for multiple installations

      I wanted to do the same thing. I exported HKCU\SOFTWARE\Adkins Resource, HKLM\SOFTWARE\Adkins Resource,
      *.dat from my machine to a server based location. Went to machine #2 and ran the 2x reg files and copied in *.dat to the Hyena directory, rebooted and it doesnt seem to have taken effect. The licensing info and domain lists in particular havent been carried over.


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        Re: Save settings for multiple installations

        Make sure you don't have the *.dat files in both the Hyena directory and the profile directory of the logged on user.

        Then try moving these files to that profile directory and see if the information shows up.


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          Re: Save settings for multiple installations

          To copy the primary configuration information, such as the domain list, etc, you need to copy all files from your profile directory, usually <documents and settings>/<user name>/application data/systemtools/hyena to the new users' profile directory.

          Or, copy these files to a shared directory, and have the user point to that directory under Hyena's Tools->Settings->General "Path to Object Manager...".

          DO NOT copy the files from the Hyena installation directory...these are installation files with default values. If the user has never run Hyena before, you can copy the files into Hyena's installation directory and Hyena will copy them initially to the profile directory.

          If you want to share other settings, preferences, etc. you can create a Shared Settings file under Tools->Settings->General. Enter in a file name, and check the box to save the settings. Then, have other users point to this file either locally or to a remote share by entering the path and name into the same dialog.

          Please let [email protected] know if you have any troubles getting this to work. It works!
          Kevin Stanush
          SystemTools Software Inc.