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  • RPC server is unavailable

    I have Hyena 4.2C installed on a Windows 2000 box. My domain is Windows 2000. The objects shows it to be a Windows 2000 domain and I point it to LDAP:// and give it the server IP address for ADSI.

    I can expand all OUs, groups, users, etc. without problem EXCEPT "DOMAIN CONTROLLERS" trying to expand that give me an error message of "RPC Server is Unavailable". What's going on here?


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    Re: RPC server is unavailable

    Does it work if you don't specify a ADSI Server? Does it work if you enter the computer name for that server instead of the IP?


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      Re: RPC server is unavailable

      If I don't specify any ADSI server name I get the following error everytime I try and expand OU's, groups, servers, users, etc. (everything underneath the domain name) --> Unable to access Active Directory path LDAP:// The server is not operationable.

      If i specify the netbios name of the server instead of the IP address for the ADSI server, I can open almost all of the categories under the domain except the DOmain Controllers group (note - NOT domain controllers under the OU field, the other one). RPC server is unavailable.

      Also, expanding my OUs and other fields sometimes takes awhile... 8 or 9 seconds to expand my OU's. That seems real high. Not sure if it's related.


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        Re: RPC server is unavailable

        This turned out to be a DNS problem that wasn't properly resolving the FQDN for this domain.

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