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Hyena and Terminal Server

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  • Hyena and Terminal Server

    Will Hyena v4.1.0 work properly when installed on a Windows 2000 terminal server?

    And is it supported if installed in this fashion?

    If a user changes the settings for Hyena, will he also change the settings for all users on the terminal server?

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    Re: Hyena and Terminal Server

    It will run on Windows 2000 Terminal Server, and is supported.

    User settings are stored in the HKEY_CURRENT_USER, which is different for each user, so you should be set there.

    Just keep in mind that you must have a license for each user that will be using Hyena.


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      Re: Hyena and Terminal Server

      Thanks for the reply.

      Yes, each user would be properly licensed and to ensure that only the licensed users would have access, we will configure Hyena as a published application using Citrix Metaframe.