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  • Viewing Scheduled Tasks

    I think you have helped me with this in the past but I cant find the posting. I have v3.0 "k" installed and I can see scheduled task properties on a W2K member server but my colleague cannot.

    Is there a dll that needs to be copied for this to work ?

    Andrew Whitton,
    Skipton Building Society.

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    Re: Viewing Scheduled Tasks

    Does he get any errors when trying to view them? This could be a permissions issue, so as a test you might want to logon to his computer and see if you can see the tasks using your account.

    Does he have a similar client configuration? The W2K box is probably running the new Task Scheduler, and if his computer doesn't have the appropriate configuration it may not see scheduled tasks.


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      Re: Viewing Scheduled Tasks

      We are both running NT4.0 client and trying to view scheduled tasks that exist on a W2K member server.

      Both clients are of similar set up except that I have Active Desktop installed to fix another Hyena issue (printer properties visibility?)

      Is it related to this ?



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        Re: Viewing Scheduled Tasks

        No, that shouldn't make any difference. I would check the permissions issue as mentioned above. Also, make sure he has the same version of Internet Explorer that you are running as the new Task Scheduler was introduced in IE 5.