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Installation on Terminal Server

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  • Installation on Terminal Server

    We have Hyena 2.6 installed on a MetaFrame server. We noticed that the Quick Access settings are shared across all users. Without using the shared settings .ini file, what features are shared across users? We would like for everyone to have their own settings for everything, if possible. Thanks.


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    Re: Installation on Terminal Server

    Unfortunately, Hyena will always look in the installation directory for the Quick Access files. In the next release of Hyena, v3.0, which we plan to release on May 1, you can select where you want to place the 'Quick Access' files, which will be named "Object Manager" instead. We've significantly expanded this area, now letting domains, computers, printers, file paths, and url to be grouped easily. Subsequent releases will support OUs, etc. Existing Quick Access files can be imported into the new Object Manager format.

    You might be able to trick Hyena if you create a different directory for each user, and run Hyena.exe from this directory. Then, each user might be able to have their own Q*.dat files.
    Kevin Stanush
    SystemTools Software Inc.