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Any debug logging that you can enable in Hyena?

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  • Any debug logging that you can enable in Hyena?

    We have hyena installed in an environment on one server two different firewalls between the server and a network with an AD domain.

    We are struggling with some errors when we try to do different tasks in Hyena. Is there any debugging you can enable in Hyena to have some logs that you can examine?


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    No, we do not have any sort of mechanism like that. We need to know exactly what the errors are you are getting and what action(s) you are taking prior to getting an error. Any error messages in Hyena are coming from Windows; Hyena is just the messenger. Depending on the action/function you are taking that results in the error, you should try to perform the same action using Microsoft tools, as they normally use the same interfaces. If the Microsoft tools get an error, then Hyena will too.
    Kevin Stanush
    SystemTools Software Inc.