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How to create response file (iss) and embed license key for Hyena 14.2

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  • How to create response file (iss) and embed license key for Hyena 14.2


    I am trying to do silent installation of Hyena 14.2 and used "Hyena_English_x64.exe /r /f1"c:\temp\setup.iss" to create Response iss file but it didn't create.
    Is there any switch to create a response file?
    After installation, I want to add a license key for multiple users.
    Where can I add a license key?
    I read an article from this forum that REGISTER_KEY.DAT has to copy to "%username%\Application Data\SystemTools\Hyena" or registry key.
    I cannot find "AccessKey" and "Licensee" in the registry: HKCU\software\adkins resource\hyena\win32.

    Can you please help me for these issues?



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    That command switch created a response file when I used it just now. We do not have any control over the behavior of the installer, but copied below is our FAQ on the various options on creating a silent install. There is a link on item #2 to our installation guide that has a section on getting the license into a GPO. Let me know what questions you have after reviewing this information.

    Creating a Silent Installation
    While our InstallShield-based install does have a command line switch to create a response file, its rather primitive to use. More information on that option is available here:

    Hyena's install does not actually do much, it just copies files and creates a few shortcuts. It does not create any registry entries. So one technique is to take a typical Hyena installation, and go to the installation directory, and just create an installation package based on those files.

    When Hyena is executed, it will copy some files (some always, some only if the file does not already exist) from the directory it’s executed from. These files are copied into the directory:

    Account_profile_directory\application data\SystemTools\Hyena

    Some problems that might create issues for a true silent install:

    1. The library used by Hyena is the C/MFC RTL for Visual Studio 2019, which usually is installed on most computers already. If not, a redistributable is available from Microsoft, and it can be silently deployed. The one that we refer customers to is here:

    2. The license information will need to be copied as well, which is kept in both a file and the registry. This information is documented on pages 10-11 in this document:

    By setting the license information with a GPO, updating the license information when maintenance is renewed is easier.

    3. Finally, when Hyena first runs, it may display a registration and other things, want to check for updates, etc. One way around this is to take a typical installation, run it, configure Hyena initially the way you want with any defaults (Settings), and then take a snapshot of the registry location:

    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Adkins Resource\Hyena

    Create a .reg and simply add this to the install. This will also grab the license information.
    Kevin Stanush
    SystemTools Software Inc.