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License problem, hyena 8.6, TS server 2008 R2

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  • License problem, hyena 8.6, TS server 2008 R2


    We installed hyena 8.6 on a ts server 2008 R2 64bits. Our license is enterprise level for 71 users. Each time a user log in we need to enter the license key.

    We do not have the register_key.dat file in c:\users\username\appdata ( or the systemtool directory btw) for a user which we entered the license.

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    Re: License problem, hyena 8.6, TS server 2008 R2

    I don't understand the question. Data files are stored in this directory on 2008:

    c:\users\username\appdata\roaming\systemtools\hyen a


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      Re: License problem, hyena 8.6, TS server 2008 R2

      we do not have systemtools in c:\users\username\appdata\roaming


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        Re: License problem, hyena 8.6, TS server 2008 R2

        That directory is created after running Hyena for the first time, and will exist in the directory of the user that ran it. So, the <username> part of that path you are looking in needs to be a user that has already run Hyena.


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          Re: License problem, hyena 8.6, TS server 2008 R2

          I understand the %username% in the path is user who run hyena. But when I go in the appdata\roaming directory of the user there is no systemtools directory in it.

          So we're stuck with entering the license each time a new user start hyena.


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            Re: License problem, hyena 8.6, TS server 2008 R2

            The path I gave you is not static, but rather whatever Windows tells Hyena to use for the profile directory. It could be in a different directory when running on TS, so you might need to search for it starting at the users\<username> directory.

            You can copy the register_key.dat from a working user and put it in the Hyena directory on the server. When a user runs it for the first time Hyena should copy it from there to the profile directory.


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              Re: License problem, hyena 8.6, TS server 2008 R2

              To add to what cmccullough posted, when Hyena runs, each time, it will attempt to copy many of the files from the installation directory into the 'users' profile directory. By 'user' I mean the account that Hyena is running under. The files that get copied include every configuration file that Hyena needs to both run and that would get modified by the user.

              This design is due to Microsoft Windows requirements to not modify files in the installation directory and have roaming features in all applications.

              Unfortunately, I don't know of a way in Hyena to determine where Hyena either wrote the files into or where it attempted to write them to. One way that I get to the directory however is to open a command prompt window. Windows seems to always open the window into the default main profile top level directory. From there, you can usually change the directory to \application data\systemtools\hyena and that is where your files will be.

              Also, keep in mind that although Microsoft wants all applications to put data into this directory structure, its hidden by default in Windows so using Explorer to find it will not work using default settings.

              Finally, you can override all of this by changing where Hyena looks for the configuration files. See the Help file, look under Configuration and Customization->Sharing Configuration Information, then look at the Sharing Configuration Files. You can use this option to override the default behavior of Hyena looking at the user's profile directory to either:

              1. Place the files where a user will have read/write access or better roaming access
              2. or place the files where more than one user can share the same configuration.
              Kevin Stanush
              SystemTools Software Inc.