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remote conrol of Win 7

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  • remote conrol of Win 7

    We currently use Hyena to VNC4 into XP machines on our domain. On newly deployed Windows 7 machines we are unable to accomplish this. I have discovered that I could enable the remote registry service, and we could then pull information from the client machine; and it seems as though we can push the install. However when trying to establish a view i get an error: Connection reset by peer (10054) Do you wish to attempt to reconnect?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: remote conrol of Win 7

    Something changed in Windows 7 that has affected VNC. Unfortunately we haven't been able to track it down, nor have we heard of any possible solutions.


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      Re: remote conrol of Win 7

      Does this mean that Hyena is no-more?


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        Re: remote conrol of Win 7

        Actually it has nothing to do with Hyena. VNC is a utility that we have no control over. STRCM (which is the interface Hyena uses for remote control) gives you the ability to use a number of different remote control products, not just VNC. We simply include the .RCM files for VNC because it is a free utility.

        We've been fairly lucky in the past in pushing VNC remotely to other computers, but apparently Windows 7 has broken something there.


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          Re: remote conrol of Win 7

          right, sorry... it is such a great part of what we use Hyena for its a shame for it not to work. I hope you guys can come up with a solution. thanks for your responses.


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            Re: remote conrol of Win 7

            This problem needs to be addressed by the developers of VNC. While we would be happy to modify the STRCM utility to support this version of VNC, there are a number of problems:

            1. According to the VNC site:

            "VNC Free Edition is not currently supported on Windows Vista or Windows 7."

            Only the Enterprise Edition are supported on Windows 7/Windows Server 2008.

            2. The VNC developers do not offer any support for the free version and I could not find any support contact addresses (other than a postal mailing address) on their site. From what I could tell, you had to purchase a license in order to get any contact information.

            3. The VNC developers do have a remote deployment tool, but I think you need an Enterprise License to use it. Thinking like a lawyer, I don't know what the ramifications would be if someone were to essentially reverse-engineer what the remote VNC installation utility does. I don't know if they publish the source or not for the installer.

            4. VNC developers do not appear to publish the 'source' for the installation program they use.

            Essentially, the only way to perhaps know what the VNC installation does would be to have an installation monitoring utility compare a computer before and after snapshot.

            But, in order to use to feel good about incorporating this into computer code, we would need to have this procedure blessed by the VNC developers, and I don't have a way to contact them.

            The best way that I see out of this would be for a paid customer of VNC (the larger the better) to contact the VNC development team to tell us what files, etc. to install to remotely install VNC. Then, we would know exactly what to do and more importantly we would be square with the VNC developers on doing this at all.
            Kevin Stanush
            SystemTools Software Inc.