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  • Windows 7 x64 access

    Can't seem to remotely access Event Logs, registry, and a few others on 64-bit Windows 7 workstations. User running Hyena has necessary security permissions, firewall is allowing share access - I can browse shares - but I get "Unable to connect to registry - network path not found" error on the above objects. Am I overlooking something?

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    Re: Windows 7 x64 access

    By default Windows 7 has the Remote Registry service disabled. Enable it and see if that takes care of the issues.


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      Re: Windows 7 x64 access

      As you can see, we're relatively new to Windows 7. Yes, it was the Remote Registry service, set to Manual by default. Hope I'm not the first to ask about this!

      Interesting that you can still access Services and start the RR service (and change the startup tyoe to automatic), so not sure this enhances security.

      Have to see if I can set this via Group Policy...



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        Re: Windows 7 x64 access

        yes, this is a common question. The registry is just used by a few routines that actually read information from the registry. Accessing the Services though, for example, uses API functions that actually 'talk' to the remote system through the Service Control Manager, which in turn does the work on the remote system and passes the data back to Hyena.

        The registry access uses API functions too, but I guess because of the GUI nature of regedt32, Microsoft makes it an option to be disabled/enabled easily. What would be really nice is if Microsoft modified the error to say "Registry operation failed. Verify that the remote registry service is enabled", instead of a generic error like this.
        Kevin Stanush
        SystemTools Software Inc.