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Migrate Hyena v7.7 from old PC to new PC

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  • Migrate Hyena v7.7 from old PC to new PC

    I am getting my new PC set up and I want to move over Hyena v7.7 with all the custom things that I have done.

    I installed v7.7 fresh on my new PC, entered the license info, then copied over the C:\Program Files\Hyena folder and the C:\Documents and Settings\{name}\Application Settings\SystemTools\Hyena folder *and* the Registry location hkey_current_user\Software\Adkins Resource\Hyena.

    When I run Hyena on my new PC the main object window does not match the old (lots of manually entered objects/systems), and my custom Active Directory queries (right-click on any AD container, select Query Active Directory do not show up.

    My custom Exporter Pro reports/config do show up and the licensing is correct.

    How do I move over the objects and AD queries?


    Dana Brigham

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    Re: Migrate Hyena v7.7 from old PC to new PC

    The two files you need for those are ad_objects.dat and ad_queries.dat, both are located in:

    c:\documents and settings\<username>\application data\systemtools\hyena

    You say you copied that over, but make sure the <username> directory you copied from matches the account you were running Hyena from. For example if you use Run As, it will create a profile directory for that user, and any changes you make to Hyena during the Run As session will be saved to that profile directory and not the one you are logged in with.


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      Re: Migrate Hyena v7.7 from old PC to new PC


      It helps if I copy from the *RIGHT* old PC! I have two old PCs, almost the exact same Computername, and on the new PC I had linked to the "I don't care, it's a test machine" old PC, not the "this is my primary workstation, don't touch!" old PC!

      Now that I have copied from the correct old machine, yes I do see the objects and the queries!


      Dana "Doofus" Brigham