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FDCC Settings required by OMB

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  • FDCC Settings required by OMB

    FDCC (Federal Desktop Core Configuration) requires that we disable file and print sharing. What impact will this have on Hyena. Further does Hyena communicate with workstations in multiple methods, such as SMB for example. This could have a critical impact on our operation and figured the company will know the answer, as well as maybe needing to change things so it can continue to work in the new environment


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    Re: FDCC Settings required by OMB

    Hyena doesn't handle the communication between computers, but rather Windows does. The functions require RPC for communication, and I believe if you remove file and print sharing you will probably lose the ability to manage those computers remotely. That would be easy enough to test to know for sure, though.


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      Re: FDCC Settings required by OMB

      I am fairly sure that if you disable file and print sharing, Windows will effectively prevent a computer from being remotely accessed. This is easy to test. Any application, including the Microsoft Computer Management snapin, would also stop working.

      Keep in mind that enabling file and print sharing only permits users with admin rights (ie belonging to the local administrators group) to actually do anything.
      Kevin Stanush
      SystemTools Software Inc.