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Odd view when trying to navigate the domain

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  • Odd view when trying to navigate the domain

    Hi everyone,
    I have this odd thing happening. I have installed the product for some testing in our environment (I know it is a great product, i have used it at other organizations) and i have this odd thing happening.

    We have nested OUs in a lot of places. I can always get to the top OU, lets say EVUsers, but beneath that i have many other OUs that my users actually reside in. Unfortunately, when i expand the EVUsers OU, all i see is the OU icon, but not the name, so i don't know which OU is which, but if i expand one of the OUs, i see the members of that OU in the tres structure, but not in the pane on the right. I am wondering if i have a corrupt installation, or something else going on. I can send screen shots if you would like explaining what i am seeing.

    Any thoughts?



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    Re: Odd view when trying to navigate the domain

    Screenshots to [email protected] are almost always helpful. In this case, though, let me first have you go to File->Manage Object View->AD Queries. Change the Query Type to Container/OU Contents. Click on Container/OU(Summary).

    Make sure the Default Window is set to Both, and if not click the Settings button to change it. Then be sure the first two fields listed in lower left window are Directory Name and Description.