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Unable to... \\Servername. Network Path not found

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  • Unable to... \\Servername. Network Path not found

    I believe I understand the cause of the problem but not sure how to resolve it.

    We have a rather complex setup and have multiple domains. Communication between these domains is limited through defined routes which are determined by the use of a servers FQDN. If I use \\Servername to make a connection it will not work, I must use \\ and then the connection will work.

    So I can see all my servers, I can browse certain things but if I would like to see Shares, services, any of these kind of things it will popup an error saying it can't connect to \\Servername.

    How can I force it to connect to the full FQDN when it makes these calls?

    (additional notes: I have Hyena installed through Citrix in our management domain, any servers in that domain can be enumerated without any errors, its only when crossing over to the other domains that I am limited as to what I am able to do)

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    Re: Unable to... \\Servername. Network Path not found

    See if this change will help:

    Go to Tools->Settings->Active Directory and check the box to Use DNS Computer Paths.


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      Re: Unable to... \\Servername. Network Path not found

      Excellent! Thanks for the fast reply. Works like a charm, new it had to be simple.