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    my servers were showing up in the servers folder and now don't. how do I create a custom object list? Or since I have AD my servers are in a server OU for each location. Is there a way to use this?

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    Re: Server View

    The Servers folder contents are generated by querying the browse list, so if this was working for you, its either because your computer is no longer getting the browse list (ie browser service is not running or blocked by firewall), or the computer that your computer was getting the list from is not getting the list.

    Since you have AD you might want to discontinue using the Servers object and instead just go through the OU. You can create a custom object list, but you would have to constantly add/remove computers from it. But if you want to create a custom list, let me know.

    You also might be able to build a custom query to get a list of servers from the All Computers list in AD, but it depends if you have some attribute to identify your servers. Unfortunately there isn't a way to query AD (quickly) and get a list of 'servers' as MIcrosoft considers basically everything a server.
    Kevin Stanush
    SystemTools Software Inc.