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Installing Hyena across a Wan

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  • Installing Hyena across a Wan

    Hello, and happy new year!

    ok enough partying, back to work!

    We have recently become aware of Hyena and are have only today installed it on our machines. We have managed to get the software working well on all our local office machines. Unfortunately we have had little success in connecting hyena to our other offices in our WAN.

    We are wondering if it is possible to use Hyena to remotely manage other machines across the internet. If so, how do we input the IP address and assign the port numbers that we wish to use, as none of the remote machines are visible in the domain list.

    Please could you give us some information to point us in the right direction.

    Many thanks,

    Have a great New Year!
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    Re: Installing Hyena across a Wan

    Yes, to get to a computer by IP address, enter is manually:

    - Select File->Manage Object View.
    - Click New... then change the object type to be server, workstation, etc.
    - For the path, enter in the IP address.
    - Repeat the process if you have more. If you want, you can create an Object Grouping object, then move the IP address-computers under the object grouping, select them, and click the "Group Right" button. This will create a group and perhaps make your GUI easier to manage

    Let us know if this works for you.
    Kevin Stanush
    SystemTools Software Inc.