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  • Newsletter signup

    Hi there,

    we are running Hyena on a Citrix Server for the Administrators. I have managed to deal with the issue for typing in the license when you log on, but I can't get rid of the Newsletter signup question. When the Administrator logs on the AskForNewsletterSignup Reg is set to 0, but as soon as you start Hyena it sets it automatically on 1 and asks for signup. Any idea how I can solve this issue?

    Thanks Carsten

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    Re: Newsletter signup

    Actually, Hyena sets it to a one and saves it (or tries to save it) to the registry. A setting of '1' will make it not ask for the newsletter.

    See if you can manually create the key with a value of 1, and then see if Hyena still asks for this.


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      Re: Newsletter signup

      Hi there,

      yes you are right, when changing the registry key for the login to one it didn't ask again for it. Thanks very much for your help.