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Hyena permission issues

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  • Hyena permission issues


    I am new to hyena and i have problems configuring it.

    I created a test composed of a win2000 AD (domain name YYY), and 4 workstations : a Win 98, a Win NT4, a Win 2000 and a Win XP. each of these workstation are logged on the domain using test users. The simulation also includes a printer (the AD acts as print server)

    I'd like to see if it is possible to create a report file which would include the following info:
    - computer name
    - user list and main user ID
    - OS level
    - shares
    - some other info

    I am currently running Hyena on the AD server and i am logged on as the administrator of YYY domain.

    I have the following problems :
    - I can't retrieve some info on the XP computer. the error is "access denied" when i try to lists users and local groups on the XP workstation.
    - I can't retrieve some info on the Win 2000 computer. the error is "RPC error" when i try to lists users and local groups on the XP workstation.

    The following things seem working right :
    - I seemingly can retrieve info from the NT4 computer
    - I can't see the Win 98 computer (dsclient installed) with Hyena, which seems normal.

    I'm stuck there. I am administrator but can't seem to retrieve info. Any hints ?

    Thanks a lot for your help.

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    Re: Hyena permission issues

    On your XP computer, go to Control Panel->Windows Firewall and make sure the firewall isn't turned on. If it is, you can turn it off and see if you can connect to it. If you are able to connect to that computer after turning off the firewall, you can turn the firewall back on and allow File and Printer Sharing through the firewall.

    The RPC error typically is a communication error of some sort. It also can mean that the RPC service is stopped on that server so I would first make sure you don't have any services stopped.