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  • cmccullough
    Guest replied
    Re: Best Install Method

    You can share various settings using the options under Tools->Settings->General. Setup one computer the way you want, then copy the files to the shared directory, then point your other admin installs to that same directory under Tools->Settings->General.

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  • eregister
    started a topic Best Install Method

    Best Install Method

    Would the following be the best install method for using Hyena with multiple admins on a large network?

    1. Install Hyena on a network share accessible to all network admins.
    2.Create a tools and scripts folder in Hyena for tools and scripts
    3.Have all admins create any tools or scripts and put in those folders
    4.Give all admins a shortcut to Hyena .exe

    Would this allow all admins access to all tools and scripts no matter who created them.

    Are there any other suggetions to get the most benefits out of the product?