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Cannot Copy Tools Settings to Another Machine

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  • Cannot Copy Tools Settings to Another Machine

    Hyena 6.0 (not D)

    I am trying to copy the tools settings from one installation to another, but this does not work.

    The machine I have existing settings on:

    Windows 2000 Pro SP3 - Hyena running under an Enterprise Admin account using RunAs.

    Machine I need to transfer Tool settings to:

    Windows 2003 Standard Server - Hyena running under the same Enterprise Admin account.

    Both machines running on the same Windows 2000 Domain.

    Things I have already tried:

    - copying the TOOL_CMDS.DAT file (which only exists in the Default User Profile area on my machine, not the current logon area as indicated in previous posts seen in the Forums)
    - exporting and reimporting the Registry settings under HKCU/Software/AppData/Adkins/Hyena
    - copying the contents of the Hyena folder from either my local profile area or the Enterprise Admin local profile area.

    I also need to copy the custom settings I have created for display in the AD Queries tab of the Object Manager Configuration screen.

    Please help/advise on what I can do.

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    Re: Cannot Copy Tools Settings to Another Machine

    All of these are stored in data files found in c:\documents and settings\<username>\application data\systemtools\hyena. Copy those files to the appropriate <username> directory on the other computer and you will be set.


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      Re: Cannot Copy Tools Settings to Another Machine

      I have done this already and it didn't work.


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        Re: Cannot Copy Tools Settings to Another Machine

        That's where Hyena gets it's data unless you are using a shared location or shared settings file. On both computers go to Tools->Settings->General and make sure you don't have these set.

        If they aren't you'll need to verify you are grabbing the files from the right location, and copying them to the right location on the other computer.

        Keep in mind that <username> is the account running Hyena, which will be different if you are using Run As on either system.