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DMZ Servers not shown correctly

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  • DMZ Servers not shown correctly

    Originally after installing Hyena, I saw all our servers in the correct area. Currently, all our servers in our DMZ are showing up only in the Computers area, and are not displaying their server properties (not a server icon, either). This seems like a browser service problem of some type. We have changed browser service parameters in the registry to "IsDomainMaster=False".

    What could be happening here?


    Vicki L. Andrews
    University of South Florida
    Louis de la Parte Intitute
    Tampa, Florida

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    Re: DMZ Servers not shown correctly

    That is caused by a browsing issue. The Servers folder is built by querying the browse list for all servers. If computers are missing from the browse list, they won't be returned by that function.

    Computers will show all computers, though, because this is a listing of all computer accounts in the domain.

    If you can figure out the browsing issue you should see them appear under the Servers folder again.