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    So there is one main task I'm trying to accomplish and I'm hoping that it is the easiest course of action for what I need to do. To start, I'm an intern and I'm assisting the Identity and Access Management team where I'm working to develop a Role Based Access system. The company is rather large so as things are already in place what we are doing is comparing AD groups for users in departments or teams and making a baseline AD group for each. My main problem is that a lot of them do not fall neatly into OUs or AD single member groups that contain all members of a team, such as HR.Accountants that would contain all members who work in HR accounting.

    What I do have for all employees is User ID name etc... What I've been trying to figure out is if there is a way I can string together multiple user IDs in a query before exporting their LDAP information into excel for analysis. Currently the most unorganized units require exporting each record separately and appending it to the last and that is a rather tedious and inefficient.

    If there is a way to do this in ExporterPro that is also an option I can work with. I'm not an AD admin so I only need to be able to view and export the information at this time.

    Thank you.
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    The LDAP search syntax does not really have a way of doing this. It can be done, but its extremely messy, and will only work with a handful of IDs, not a large set, due to how the syntax works.

    Here are some examples, to give you some ideas:

    The only idea that I can come up with, other than moving the users into the right OU, would be to use an unused field (ie department, location, etc) and set this field as a 'tag' and then you can query or sort on that field and make exporting the information easier.
    Kevin Stanush
    SystemTools Software Inc.


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      You need a query like this.

      (|(samaccountname=rjohnston)(samaccountname=bmosle y)(samaccountname=pdegaa)(samaccountname=rmurphree ))

      You can take it out to seventy something entries at-a-time


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        Something else you could do is run a regular query that returns all users. Then, presumably you have a list somewhere of the userIDs (samAccountName, etc) that you want. Place these IDs into a plain text file, one line each. Then, you can use the 'Select from File' option in Hyena that will read this file and select (or not select) any matches. You can then clear out the wanted/unwanted entries and export like normal.
        Kevin Stanush
        SystemTools Software Inc.


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          Thank you Kevin,
          The Select from File Option in Hyena works perfectly and has no limitations on the number of users in my query. This tip from you is huge!