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working out attribute for active tasks.

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  • working out attribute for active tasks.


    Trying to add user to a group with active tasks

    Whats the easiet way to work out the correct format of a group and a user.

    I kind of assume I can look at an ADUC attribute to grab them.


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    Before going into using an Active Task, you can also multi-select users in Hyena, right click, select Account Functions > Add/Remove from group and enter a group to add or remove from all of the selected users.

    There are two ways to do this using Active Tasks. Originally, there was a task type for adding and removing group members. This type of task requires that the full LDAP path for the user and group be placed into the input file. With the latest Hyena release you can also define a group template for any task that can add or remove the groups in the template.

    The advantage to this new option (available on the Groups tab under the Options for the task), is that you no longer have to worry about getting the path of the group, as its now selected from a GUI picker dialog. The directory paths to the group(s) are stored in the template file, so they can be named and reused. You can even have multiple templates and specify the template to use in the input file.

    The only remaining tricky part is to get the path of the user objects. The easiest way is to display the users you want to modify in Hyena, select them, select Edit > Copy, and copy the first field (%ADSPATH%) to a file/clipboard. If you only want to update the groups for a set of users, and the group members will be same for all of them, then the only item in the input file would be the user paths, and the group members can all be specified in the template.

    Let me know if these options make sense or if you have any other questions.
    Kevin Stanush
    SystemTools Software Inc.