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Copying 'Member of' for groups

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  • missioncritical
    When you copy a group, Hyena creates a new group and it should get all of the settings of the old group. I'd like to see what is causing the error, so can you provide some general information on the group being copied actual members ? (ie on the Members tab). I tested just now copying a global group that had 2 local group members and didn't get any error.

    In my test, I had a global group named "Fruit", which is a member of the global group "Food". Food shows on the Member Of tab. Fruit also has members of Apple and Banana, which are local groups. I can copy Fruit to 'Fruit_Copy', including the members and members of.

    Also, let us know what version of Hyena you are using and what your client o/s is. You might try running this directly on a server, as some Windows clients can various issues. Let us know too the complete error message if you can. The 'unwilling to perform' is one of the more difficult errors to resolve.

    Finally, copying a group is done is 3 steps:

    1 - The group gets created, with the attributes of the name, etc (no members, no member of).
    2 - The members are added to the group
    3 - The 'member of' information is modified, which actually involves updating the other groups themselves (member of is a read-only attribute).

    So I assume the group was created, but knowing if the new group had members vs. member of and the first part of the error will tell where the error is occuring at.

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  • awaters
    Guest started a topic Copying 'Member of' for groups

    Copying 'Member of' for groups

    I have a global group that is a member of several DomLocal groups In addition it's nested within another Global group. When I copied it, I got and error message that 'the server was unwilling to complete the request' due to the presence of the 'parent' Global group membership and the new group's 'Member of' list remained empty . However, even with the Global group removed, it won't copy the 'Member of' list. Can this list be copied in a group.

    In addition, is there an easy way of copying the 'Member of' list between Global groups as I would now like to populate the new group's 'member of list'?
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