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Populate E-mail field for multiple users

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  • Populate E-mail field for multiple users

    We need to update the "E-Mail" field for large group of users. The field is currently empty. We need to populate the users email address into this field. The email uses the following pattern: [email protected] I need it to take the users first name and then last name from Active Directory and then populate the rest with the

    How can we do his in bulk at once? I noted that when hi-lite a block of users in the All Users listing that you no longer see the Contact tab where the email address shows.

    Can this be done in Active Editor and if so, how can you paste or import just one field of information?

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    You can do this using either Hyena's right window itself, or by using the Active Editor. Either way, you will need to add the email field (attribute name is 'email') to one of Hyena's directory queries so that you can see the value of this field in Hyena's right window. I am assuming that the field you want to modify is actually named 'email', and that you know how to add it to a directory query. Let me know if you need instructions on doing that. Its also very helpful to add the first name and last names also to the query. Those attributes are named 'givenname' and 'sn'.

    Then, once you have a query displaying the email field, perform this action on ONE account as a test. Select the account, then right click in the Email field, and select the menu option 'Modify email...' For the new value enter Confirm that this is what you want. Press F5 to refresh the display. If everything looks good, repeat for multiple users by selecting multiple accounts. Note that any object selected will have the contents overwritten for the 'email' field.

    To use the Active Editor, just select the account(s), right click on the email field, select Edit with Active Editor. Then multi-select the email field for all of the users in the Editor, right click, select Modify Email... and enter the same syntax as above. When you click OK you will visually see the results of the replacement.

    Using either method will require that the first and last name fields be populated with values, otherwise you will not get good results.

    Let us know if you have any questions, and remember to do this for a single account first. Its a powerful function.
    Kevin Stanush
    SystemTools Software Inc.


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      Wow, that is so awesome. Thank you so much. And this is why I LOVE using Hyena!!!